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General links

Econophysics Forum
The Econophysics Forum, run by the University of Fribourg, is “the” place for the latest in econophysics, with a regular post of the most recent papers from the preprint archives.
Another excellent econophysics site, this one seems to concentrate on sifting out the best of the published material available.
The Emerging Economic Paradigm of Open Source
An article by Bruce Perens on the economics of open source software.
A website to encourage and ease the collaboration of physicists with market industry.
The Minority Game
The Interactive Minority Game
MoneyScience Financial Intelligence Network
Bubbles and crashes in a simple market model
Amnesty International
Who says human rights aren’t important when it comes to thinking about economic policy?


Stefan Bornholdt
Stefan has done some fun stuff on econophysics alongside a much wider range of work on biophysics, networks and neural systems.
Damien Challet
Damien is one of the stars of the econophysics scene, as the major force behind the Minority Game model of financial markets, and with some recent interesting papers on computer software.
Gilles Daniel
Tobias Galla
Tobias has done lots of fun work on the Minority Game and is frighteningly smart, understanding maths that renders me speechless just looking at it.
Mogens Høgh Jensen
Mogens has produced a number of interesting econophysics papers, as well as a great deal of seminal work on fractals, chaos and turbulence.
Neil F. Johnson
Neil has done a great deal of interesting work on the Minority Game and related models of financial markets.
Diana Mangalagiu
Matteo Marsili
Matteo is fantastically smart, brilliant almost beyond belief at maths, and does all sorts of exciting stuff on econophysics, data clustering and other interdisciplinary statistical physics.
Sergei Maslov
Sergei’s work includes a number of econophysics papers as well as some important contributions to the theory of self-organized criticality and, more recently, some excellent work on biophysics (particularly on protein interactions) and networks.
Kai Nagel
Kai has done lots of fun stuff on econophysics, self-organized criticality and, most of all, analysis/simulation of traffic flow.
Maya Paczuski
Maya is a top person who has done lots of cool things including some very important work on self-organized criticality, bio- and econophysics, earthquake science and, most recently, a fascinating investigation of solar flares.
Kim Sneppen
Kim is a very prolific scientist whose research includes nuclear physics, fractals, biophysics, econophysics and networks.
Sorin Solomon
Duncan J. Watts
Duncan is most well-known for his work on the structure and dynamics of networks (and more importantly interactions on networks) which have taken him all the way from a physics degree to a professorship of sociology (!).
Gur Yaari

Research Groups

AHRC Centre for the Evolutionary Analysis of Cultural Behaviour
(London, UK)
Fribourg University Interdisciplinary Physics Group
(Fribourg, Switzerland)

Not a journal, but an e-print archive. Fantastically useful! The archives cond-mat, physics, nlin cs and q-bio all contain useful material.
American Economic Review (1999-present)
American Economic Review (1911-1999)
The Economic Journal (1997-present)
The Economic Journal (1891-1997)
Economic Modelling (ScienceDirect)
A collection of economics-related journals and resources published by Elsevier Science.
Economics Letters (ScienceDirect)
An economics e-print archive.
Europhysics Letters
European Physical Journal B
Experimental Economics
International Journal of Modern Physics C (IJMPC)
International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance (IJTAF)
Journal of Business
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (ScienceDirect)
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (ScienceDirect)
Journal of Economic Psychology
Journal of Finance
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General
Journal of Political Economy
Journal of Socio-Economics (ScienceDirect)
MoneyScience WebJournal
MoneyScience’s WebJournal is a continuation of Elsevier Science’s €conoph¥sic$ website review of the econophysics literature.
Physica A (ScienceDirect)
Physical Review E
Physical Review Letters
Quantitative Finance
Quarterly Journal of Economics

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